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PRCVI website screenshot The Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI) has upgraded their website with a new graphic design and more content served up by Inmagic WebPublisher PRO.

PRCVI is a British Columbia Ministry of Education program that assists school districts and students with visual impairment or blindness by providing educational resources in alternate formats, such as braille, tactile graphics, digital text and large print.

Both the previous and new websites feature a wealth of resources for teachers, students and parents, including questions and answers about PRCVI services, news of upcoming events and conferences, information about scholarships, and links to other web resources.

The previous website was maintained by hand, as staff time permitted. With many TextWorks databases already in use at PRCVI for tracking their library collection, borrowers and teachers, it was a natural extension to catalogue all the web resources in a new database, then publish that information on the website with WebPublisher PRO.

Almost all the content in the new website is served up dynamically from this database. Users may browse resources by category and target audience to drill down to items of interest, or perform a keyword search.

"Making resources more accessible will save staff time in answering emails from users who couldn’t find the information previously", says Susan Hannigan. "It's also easy for several of our staff to publish new information to the site just by entering items into a textbase record. They're already familiar with TextWorks, so the learning curve wasn’t very steep."

Using TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO as the basis for their new website allowed PRCVI to make more use of its investment in Inmagic software, with staff already trained to use it.

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