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The Catalog InfoCart feature in Genie is a handy way of collecting records that you want to edit. As you search through the Catalog, you can click the Add to Cart link without interrupting your searching. When you have assembled a collection of records to edit, you can view the InfoCart, and by making the small change described below, click an Edit link within the InfoCart display to edit each record. The Prev and Next links on the Catalog edit screen will take you through the records in your collection, without having to either return to the InfoCart or search for the records again. This is a great workflow improvement.

To enable the Edit link in the InfoCart, open the MyReports.config file in a text editor and find the "InfoCartBrief" report. If you haven’t made any other changes, the final 2 lines of the report definition will look like this:

<Field Header="&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;">%%CartRemove</Field>

<Field Display="&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;">%%Label</Field>

which displays the Remove from Cart link.

If you change the above 2 lines to these:

<Field Header="&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;">%%EditButton</Field>



<Field Display="&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;">%%Label</Field>

the InfoCart will display an Edit link and the Remove from Cart link, separated by a |.

After saving the config file, be sure to reload it by selecting the About Genie link in the Genie menu and clicking Reset.

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