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Hot off the forge: a multi-textbase search alternative. Designed for maximum ease-of-use, so no field mapping or special form design. You can add a WebPublisher database to the search as quickly as you can create a canned query. No field mapping also means that the textbases being searched do not need to correlate in any way. One textbase could search Title, Author, and Subject while another searched Address, City, and State, for example. Also, due to the fact that you do not need access to the textbase itself or its WebPublisher support files, you can search *any* available WebPublisher database. Hmm. Better ask nicely first! Results come back with a hit count and a link to the individual results for each database. The result display is completely configurable, and returns five values for each database result: textbase description, result count, search text, canned query text, error text (if any). The demo simultaneously searches the Andornot WebPublisher Links database and the Inmagic Support Knowledgebase:

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