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Whilst warbling on about WebPublisher security today with Ted Jardine (developer extrordinaire), he innocently asked me a question about apostrophes. As in, "does one require an apostrophe after 'dll' when indicating more than one?" (We developers toss around words like 'dll' all the time. It makes us feel cool.) I hazarded that dll's was just plain wrong and that DLLs would be correct. As it happens, my guess is backed up by the mighty Wikipedia: For the plural of abbreviations, an apostrophe is widely regarded as incorrect, so CDs is preferable to CD’s. And so on. Well that's great. Aren't I so smart. But then later today I noticed, to my horror, that I have been abusing the apostrophe in this very blog! O miserere me! The blog title has been "Andornot Developer's Blog" yet there are multiple developers blogging. Well, it's mostly me, I confess, but aaaaagghhh! So I'm changing the title to Andornot Developers' Blog. Aah. Harmony and Balance restored.

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