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Some major additions to the Ajax Index Popups:

  • Now usable for validation lists
  • Entry separator now a parameter
  • Other fields now a parameter
  • Options to avoid putting plaintext passwords in the query string

Validation List Browsing Same features as index browsing, including paging, find-as-you-type, selection builder, etc. Scales up to even very large enormous big big validation lists. Entry Separator Parameter Particularly useful for picking from validation lists. Defaults to bullet (·) but can be overriden depending on the environment. (Genie entry separator is different than ordinary WebPublisher, which is different again from Inmagic ODBC.) Other Fields Parameter I don't know why I didn't add this in the first place. Other fields can be chosen for browsing by the user once the index popup has loaded. No, the field lists aren't merged. But a plus is that alternative labels can be identified for these other fields. E.g. you have a field named "ugly_fld_name", but can have it display as "Gorgeous Field". Password Options Passwords can be passed in plaintext with the query string to the index popup, or a single "master" password can be set in the config file to be used every time, or password 'translations' can be set in the config file - i.e. when query string password=pass1, use "mypassword" as the real password. This means you do not have to let your actual textbase-level passwords be viewable in your HTML. Of course, any sniffer would be able to get the real password from the HTTP request, but at least your page visitors won't easily be able to read the password by going to "view source".

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