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Kathy Bryce and Denise Bonin are delighted to announce that Peter Tyrrell is now a director of Andornot and an equal shareholder.  Andornot was founded by Kathy and Denise in 1995 and has grown steadily over the years.   Peter started with the company as a contractor in 2000 and most recently was employed as a senior consultant.  Peter will assume the position of Chief Technology Officer with responsibility for our datacenter infrastructure; management of selected projects; and hiring and supervision of additional programming staff.

This change in ownership will allow Andornot to expand our capabilities and services, especially with regard to SQL database application design, as well as providing continued support and enhancements for Inmagic software.

Peter has a BA in English and Classics and an MLIS degree. Since starting work with Andornot he has discovered that he loves programming and application design, and has become proficient with Microsoft .Net and JavaScript. He is thus able to marry his knowledge of library and information management systems with the technical aspects of web interface design.

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