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"General Synod library launches improved online databases
May 23, 2007 -- The Library and Information Centre of the national office of the Anglican Church of Canada has improved the ways that users can search, see, e-mail, save or print information from its five online databases.

The Library’s five online databases, which use INMAGIC software, are a unique and constantly expanding resource of information by and about the Anglican Church of Canada and the wider Anglican Communion. Three of the five databases are full text policy databases. Users can search for any word or subject in these databases and immediately see the complete text of the resolutions. The OFFICIAL Statements database contains all General Synod resolutions from 1924 to the present, as well as resolutions from the House of Bishops (1960 to present), Council of General Synod, National Executive Council (predecessor of the Council of General Synod) and Anglican News Service press releases from 1966. The LAMBETH database contains the indexed resolutions from all Lambeth Conferences and the COUNCIL database contains the indexed resolutions from all Anglican Consultative Council meetings.

Working closely with Vancouver-based consulting firm Andornot, the Library has designed new search screens, added new and friendlier index searching along with the ability to edit searches, and given users the ability to e-mail, save or print searches. Users can perform searches, display records, delete individual records and then e-mail, save or print the results. Previously, users could only print one screen of records at a time."

Search the databases at:

Another neat feature added by Andornot is truncation of the full text on the brief display using stylesheets. Contact us for more details.

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