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Andornot has recently completed a redesign of the resource-person database for the BC Teachers' Federation.  This is a comprehensive listing of session leaders and speakers on current education topics and issues. The database matches speakers/presenters and sessions to specific needs.

The original interface had been around for many years, and behind the scenes data was stored in multiple very old Access databases. Andornot converted the data, set up desktop interfaces to new CS/TextWorks textbases - one for workshops linked back to a secondary textbase for resource persons.  The web interface using CS/WebPublisher PRO outside the firewall is based on our Andornot Starter Kit.  We were able to use most of the the same external template files (set up in DB/TextWorks as seams or includes) as for a previous project for searching videos. The interface matches the rest of the BCTF web site, and any updates can be handled easily through edits to just a couple of files.

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