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Oh, Blogger. Where did we go wrong? What a pain in the southern hemisphere you have been lately.

We had a little trouble migrating the Andornot News blog to the new version of Blogger. As in, it simply didn't. Migrate. What did you want me to do, Blogger? Get out and push? I had to completely reconstruct it from scratch, so thank goodness I had the archives as we publish it to our server instead of letting Blogger host it.

The news blog has more than one contributor, which makes it a team blog, which apparently makes it easier to quantum teleport to the dark side of the universe than to migrate from old to new Blogger. I took all the precautions Blogger told me to take, but was still left standing at the altar. Of course, afterwards I got the explanatory skinny from The Real Blogger Status, which is  is a good place to go and see what you should have done, after you have irrevocably fragged your blog into null-space forever.

All I can say is, I'm thinking hard about WordPress.

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