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We always recommend clients surface content buried deep in their Inmagic databases by adding canned search hyperlinks on their web sites. These can be on the search page as topic searches or on any other relevant page, so for example, you could create a list of materials on a particular subject for a practice group or on a project page. Another obvious example of a canned search would be a link to the latest new acquisitions on the Library home page.

See our WebPublisher Links page for some canned search examples:

WebPub links examples

Our Search Cannery Wizard is a great help for creating the syntax and testing these searches. It can also be used for quickly setting up canned searches for Inmagic Genie.  These are are not as complex and do not need as many parameters specified as for WebPublisher PRO.

Steps 1 and 2

You would need to substitute your own web server name and search strategy. Use the image  help hints for assistance in constructing your specific query.

For Genie canned searches you can ignore Step 3 altogether and go straight to Step 4:

Step 4

Press the Can it button to take the values entered above and create the code, then use the Test it button to ensure that it works as expected.  Copy and paste the HTML code into your web site. The example above would generate the following:

Sample canned search code



Whenever a user clicks on a canned search hyperlink they will get all records found by that search strategy, including any new entries as soon as they are entered into the database.

Canned searches are a great way to increase exposure to your resources! 

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