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The Cortes Island Museum & Archives preserves unique and original photographs, maps and documents relating to the human and natural history of Cortes Island, British Columbia, and nearby islands. Dating from the late 1800s to the present, their collections illustrate how this remote community of coastal British Columbia responded to changing economic, social and political conditions.

Thanks to a grant from Libraries and Archives Canada, the museum was able to digitize more than 4,000 historic photographs, catalogue them in a DB/TextWorks database using Andornot's Starter Kit for Archives, and then make them publicly searchable in a new site built from our Andornot Discovery Interface.

Cortes Island Museum and Archives

Available at, the rich variety of searchable images depicts island people and places, community events, transportation by steamship and floatplane, and economic activities such as farming, fishing and logging.

New users may explore the collection using pre-created searches, such as:

or may search with keywords and refine their results with facets such as names, places, topics and dates. The sophisticated search algorithms in the Andornot Discovery Interface present the most relevant results first. Users may save results to a list, share results and images on social media, and provide feedback to, or request more information from, the museum.

The site is hosted by Andornot with frequent updates by museum staff.

The S.J. McKee Archives at Brandon University houses a wide-ranging collection of unpublished archival records related to the history of Brandon College / Brandon University and the Manitoba Pool Elevators, as well as documenting the history of the City of Brandon and southwestern Manitoba.

A new search engine, based on our Andornot Discovery Interface is now available at Features such as spelling corrections, relevancy-ranked results, and facets to refine searches, help users to quickly find resources of interest to them.

The site includes over 5,000 digitized photographs, as well records for the Brandon University Art Collection, with images to come for this collection. Oral history recordings will also be added in the future. Behind the scenes, these different types of collections or materials are managed in separate DB/TextWorks databases. This new search interface is thus a huge improvement allowing researchers to easily find all related materials with one search.

"I’ve received only positive feedback about the new interface. People seem to like the design, the simplicity, and the functionality of the site." – Christy Henry, University Archivist


The LancasterHistory online Research Collections provides searchable access to nearly 300,000 items from their historic collections, from library books and archival documents to photographs and three-dimensional objects.

LancasterHistory is also proud to announce the launch of the James Buchanan Presidential Library, which provides online access, for the first time, to the papers of 15th United States President James Buchanan and his family.

This collection includes  more than 3,500 items associated with James Buchanan, Harriet Lane, and James Buchanan Henry, extended family members, associates, and Wheatland, Buchanan's home. Scholars and researchers can search and view the digitized collection to examine the events that transpired during Buchanan’s presidency and gain a better understanding of how the United States responded to one of the most fraught periods in American history.


The LancasterHistory Research Collections site is powered by our Andornot Discovery Interface, which provides features such as automatic spelling corrections, intuitive search suggestions, and refinable search filters.

Data in the site is sourced and regularly updated from a variety of back-end systems: PastPerfect for archival descriptions, artifacts and photographs, and MARC records exported from their library’s cataloguing system. Andornot developed systems to transform each different data source into a common format and index it in our Andornot Discovery Interface, for searching across all collections, while still preserving the metadata unique to each record and data source.

The full text of many linked digital documents is indexed, to further expand search options.

Searching across all LancasterHistory collections previously required many separate searches, using different search strategies and tools. Now, with all resources in a single site, searching is faster and easier and reveals more records to users with every search.

As the site is hosted by Andornot, there’s nothing for LancasterHistory staff to do or worry about, and they can add new data as often as they like.

Visit the site at

Patient health education materials are an important resource for both caregivers and patients, allowing health care providers to provide important information to patients for their ongoing care in a written format. This may include printed pamphlets handed out at the conclusion of a hospital visit, emergency department discharge instructions, and electronic resources patients can access from home during their recovery.

Like many health authorities, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Providence Health Care (PHC) manage databases of such materials, and each has recently upgraded the website used to provide access to these resources for staff and the public. Using our Andornot Discovery Interface, two modern, accessible and mobile-friendly search engine sites were built, one for VCH and one for PHC:

Vancouver Coastal Health Patient Health Education Materials

Staff and patients may search by keyword or select a health topic from the home page, then narrow their results by topic, format and critically, language, as many resources are available in multiple-language translations.

Spelling corrections, search suggestions and relevancy-ranked results also help connect a user with a resource quickly and accurately, and a synonym list helps connect different terms for a condition to the same resources. For example, a search for blood clots returns the same results as a search for coagulation, and vice versa, allowing different terms to be used to find all relevant resources.

When viewing a record, those available translations are shown so a user can quickly select the best version for their needs.

Related Records

Many records provide the PDF online for patients and staff to access, but staff may also use these systems to monitor resources which are under review, or to request that a review be initiated or obtain other information about the resource.

A table view of search results is available for rapid scanning of resources, primarily for health care staff already familiar with the resources who only need quick access to the relevant PDF.

Table View

Behind the scenes, a DB/TextWorks database shared by both VCH and PHC is used to catalogue and manage the resources.

The two sites are hosted by Andornot, along with the DB/TextWorks software and database, as part of our managed hosting service.

Andornot works with health authorities throughout British Columbia and across Canada to provide information management solutions for other patient health resources and health care libraries.

FPInnovations is a private, not-for-profit R&D organization that specializes in the creation of solutions that accelerate the growth of the Canadian forest sector and its affiliated industries to enhance their global competitiveness.

As part of its mandate, FPInnovations maintains a research library of in-house reports and other publications available to members and in some cases, the public and all industry.

This research library was recently made available through an instance of our Andornot Discovery Interface search engine, at

FPInnovations Research Library Search Results

This site provides searchable access to over 10,000 reports and publications covering more than 50 years of FPInnovations’ research. Subject areas include forest operations, wood products and pulp, paper and bio-sourced products, with full text PDF reports immediately available online.

Spelling corrections, search suggestions and relevancy-ranked results connect users to resources quickly, with the ability to further limit results by industry sector, research area, material, type, date of publication and other facets of the collection.

spelling correction

A DB/TextWorks database is used behind the scenes to catalogue and manage the reports.

This new resource complements two related Andonot projects:

  1. the ThinkWood Research Library; and
  2. the B.C. Wood Supplier Directory.

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