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Over 11,000 historic newspaper issues (over 90,000 pages) of historic Bruce County community newspapers, many of which are no longer in print, were digitized in 2022 as part of the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre’s efforts to make this valuable resource easily accessible to the public. Spanning the decades from the 1860s to the present, almost all of these newspaper issues may now be read on the Bruce County Historic Newspapers website at

This site is powered by our Andornot Discovery Interface, which provides full text searching of the OCRd newspaper text. Sophisticated search algorithms return the newspaper issues best matching a user's search, with particular features available to help search for people by their name.

After a keyword search, users may view the newspaper issue in a built-in viewer, with their search words pre-highlighted for easy viewing and navigation within the issue.

In addition to searching, users may also browse all issues by newspaper name, in chronological order, and may use the built in flipbook style viewer to flip through the pages of each issue, recreating the experience of handling the original printed copy.

The newspapers and search engine is hosted by Andornot.

More information about this project is available at




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