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We all know the profession of Librarian, and to a certain extent Archivist, has changed immensely over recent years. Although some core services and skills remain, we serve different needs and audiences, with different skills, technologies and mandates. Many graduates of MLIS and MAS programs work in very non-traditional settings (ourselves included!).

In my own career path, I was once hired by what was then a novel form of company: a "Dot Com Internet Start-up". The company was embarking on a business yellow pages product and recognized that the skills a librarian has, in terms of organizing information, would help them. The company evolved into something quite different, but I stayed on and honed my IT skills.

This week, we came across two fun and fascinating job postings. One is for an Assistant Sample Librarian at popular clothing company Lululemon. The other is a Content Asset Librarian at a children’s toy company. What’s so encouraging about these 2 positions is that they use Librarian in the position title and have set the job requirements specifically for this profession. Both positions involve managing physical items, but far from the traditional book. While many companies have positions to do this, not so many specifically call it a Librarian. Very encouraging!

Assistant Sample Librarian:

Content Asset Librarian:

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