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Over the years, Andornot has used a variety of tools to track usage of software we host or provide to clients, to summarize activity and provide insight into the interests and actions of users. Currently we recommend Google Analytics and have recently added more tracking ability to our Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI). 

We’re now able to cause Google Analytics to track the following:

  1. Overall site traffic, where visitors are from, how long they stay, how they found the site, whether they are using a desktop or mobile browser, and other general information. This is useful in several ways, but especially if you promote the site in some way, and want to see if that promotion affects traffic, or how people use the site.
  2. The words or phrases users start searches with. This is invaluable in seeing what is of interest to your users.
  3. Searches that result in no records found. This is also very helpful in guiding acquisitions or digitization to meet user interests, but also in seeing the terms users think to search with versus language used in your records. AnDI has a synonym list so this data can be used to then populate that list to better help users, as well as to guide your cataloguing or descriptive practices.
  4. Media such as PDFs, images, videos, and URLs to other resources, that a user clicks. This is a great way to gauge which of these media are of specific interest.
  5. Records added to the selection list feature. We consider this an excellent metric of which records are of most interest to your users.
  6. A count of emails sent from the selection list, as well as requests submitted via the request form, if applicable to your AnDI. Useful just as a general count and to see changes over time.

The above data can be summarized in a custom dashboard for a quick summary, with links to more detailed reports. This dashboard can be sent as a PDF in a periodic email, such as weekly or monthly, to save logging in to Google Analytics.

All of the above is included in every new AnDI site we build, but we may also be able to add it to existing AnDI sites as well. Please contact us if you’d like this done for your site, or if you have other specific information you’d like to try to gather from your site and users.


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