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It's not obvious how to get *just* files modified since a given revision when using TortoiseSVN against a Subversion source control repository, and it's often handy to do so. I do it to send client updates, for instance, since there may have been numerous commits since it was last deployed and sometimes I just want the diffs, not the entire project.

So here is how to get only the files modified since a given revision, with folder structure intact.

  1. On top-level folder, right-click and TortoiseSVN --> Show log.
  2. From the list of revisions, select all back to, but not including, the last revision that was deployed (to ensure you get just files changed *since* that revision).
  3. Right-click on the selections and Compare revisions.
  4. Now you're looking at a list of files modified since that last deployment revision. Select all, right-click and Export selection to...
  5. Choose a folder to export to in the folder browser dialog.

Now you have just the files you want, exported and preserved in their folder hierarchy.


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