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I...really...thought...I...was...going...crazy. For some reason Visual Studio started to behave very abnormally when attempting to debug and step through some code. When I asked it to step through, it stepped out. When I asked it to step out, it stepped in. Half the time it would ignore breakpoints, the other half of the time, it would make some up. To keep me on my toes, it just worked enough to make me think that the problem lay with me. An hour later, after (in completely random order):

  • Rebooting
  • Rebuilding
  • Rebuilding after cleaning a build
  • Googling "Visual Studio acting crazy while debugging" and other sundry queries
  • Cleaning out the keyboard (and thinking "oh no, my favourite keyboard is biting the dust just as Steve Jobs decides to chop off the numberpad" - yes, I know you can still get the old one, but...)
  • Clearing out ReSharper caches
  • Clearing out ASP.NET caches
  • Using the mouse to debug (how anybody does that is beyond me)
  • Rewriting code
  • Staring at the screen literally thinking I was going crazy

...I stumbled across this "Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Funky Debug Stepping and Missed Breakpoints" post from a BlogOfBob. Yes, Visual Studio was drunk and MS has the fix. Now to undo the carnage: thank goodness for subversion; and whoever you are Bob, God bless you.


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