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I was working with a long-time Genie client yesterday who was getting very frustrated that a new report for her Genie OPAC was not showing selected fields. She had scrutinized the code over and over again, checking that she had the syntax right. To create this new report she had copied the code from an existing report, which usually is a great idea. However in this case the report dated from an early version of Genie and referenced Form="GenieBrief" in the first line. In older versions of Genie, you needed to put any fields that you wished to show in a brief OPAC display into a TextWorks form called GenieBrief. Hence her report showed obvious fields like Title etc. but not CatSerHoldings, which is the one she wanted to add. We removed the Form="GenieBrief", reset Genie and the field was then visible.

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