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In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic well underway, a partnership of four Saskatchewan health organizations formed a COVID-19 Evidence Support Team (CEST) to initiate a new learning health cycle in response to the pandemic.

The CEST initiative had three key objectives:

  1. the rapid production of the best evidence for facilitating COVID-related decision-making,
  2. the establishment of a single electronic platform (a database, dashboard, and repository) for systematic sharing of the updated COVID-19 reviews, and
  3. the initiation of a Learning Health System by constant exchange between reliable evidence, policy, and practice.

One of Andornot’s core strengths is mixing and matching systems and data into a solution that meets the needs of our clients and their budgets. For this project, we assisted the Saskatchewan Health Authority Library in achieving CEST's goals by providing:

  1. DB/TextWorks software for managing research requests and evidence reviews in databases;
  2. scripts to fetch research requests submitted to a third party system (Redcap);
  3. a search engine based on our Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI);
  4. data generation for display in a dashboard-style summary; and
  5. hosting of these components in our Canadian data centre.

This combination of tools provides a complete information management and search system for COVID-19 rapid evidence reviews.

AnDI Search Site




More information on this project:

COVID-19 Evidence Support for Saskatchewan Pandemic Response Poster Presentation

An article Developing a rapid evidence response to COVID-19: the collaborative approach of Saskatchewan, Canada published online in Learning Health Systems. 

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