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Today is my last day at Andornot after 17 years. It has been a wonderful journey working with so many great clients. I've met a lot of you over the years at conferences, training sessions, and in-office visits. I have connected with many of you over the phone and/or web-meetings. My clients have always been an inspiration to me. You've pushed me, and indeed Andornot, to seek and develop some wonderful solutions that have made you look good in your organization and that is what counts!

I will miss the day-to-day challenges of being put on the spot by an urgent phone call with some crisis to solve, to the emails that require a detailed response once I’ve deciphered the issue. Then there are the web-meetings. I loved these the most. Watching and guiding users through using the software, teaching you new tricks and solving problems together. And laughing and having fun: that is so important.

I also owe a note of gratitude to other vendors that I have met and communicated with over the years. We have grown and learned together. And oh my, some of the conferences have been an experience! To the students that I’ve taught, I have learned so much from you. In fact, I’ve learned to love teaching… something, I did not know I wanted to do way back in '85 when I graduated from SLAIS or before that when I was a budding marine biologist. And lastly to my Andornot colleagues, it has been great working with you and I wish you a bright future.

It has been a good time! If anyone feels compelled to reach me, you can do so via my personal email, Facebook or LinkedIn.



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