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It's all about something I want as a developer, but am probably never going to get. Besides, I think Dante is hilarious.

  1. [NOUN - something you badly want]
  2. [NOUN - kind of hole]
  3. [VERB - weak and miserable movement]
  4. [PL. NOUN - something gaseous]
  5. [NOUN - geometric shape]
  6. [NOUN - an animal or species]
  7. [NOUN - a colour]
  8. [PL. NOUN - another animal or species]
  9. [NOUN - name of someone famous but ugly]
  10. [PL. NOUN - torture device]
  11. [NOUN - body part]
  12. [PAST TENSE VERB - some violent action]

The [1] resides at the bottom of a deep black [2] where the souls of the lost [3] forever amidst the [4] of despair. There in the Ninth [5] of Dread the [1] is buried head-down in [6] ordure, where pot-bellied [7] devils with the heads of [8] and the torsos of [9] in bikini underwear wield enormous red-hot [10] to cruelly yank out its [11], which magically grows back 5 minutes later, only to be [12] again. Abandon every hope, ye who enter here.


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