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Looking for the words to the popular late nineteenth century song and dance ditty All among the roses

Just what is the name of that song by George Pope Morris with the first line that goes like this: The young stars are glowing, their clear light bestowing

Are you looking for photographs of women musicians, such as group called the Bostonia Orchestra

Check out the textbase on the long-time Inmagic software user website at Middle Tennessee State University’s (MTSU) Center for Popular Music (CPM) to find all those answers and more. 

Andornot worked with fellow Inmagic Partner, Ann Stringfield from InfoCrofters in North Carolina to amalgamate 9 unique Inmagic textbases into one combined textbase of almost 90,000 records.  You can now search in one user friendly interface for manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, posters, playbills, programs, rare books and scores, sheet music, song broadsides and trade catalogues. Ann comments:

The MTSU Center for Popular Music staff's dedication to their craft is evident in their provision of full lyrics, first lines, and extensive notes.  Now we all know that Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes" was once choreographed for a ballet!"

As stated on the site’s About Us page: The music business of Tennessee has long been an important segment of Tennessee's economy. In addition to Nashville, the cities of Memphis, Knoxville, Bristol, Chattanooga, Cleveland and Lawrenceburg have played significant roles in music publishing, broadcasting and recording. The Center's collection documents these business activities as well as musical ones [all in one central location].

Using the Andornot Starter Kit, the textbase features a quick and advanced search screen, several brief record result formats, a full display format, plus excellent textbase navigation. Social media elements include an Email, Save and Print option, including a Select All ability, Permalinks and Bookmark and Share attributes.  Images are being added to the newly created textbase, with the Song Broadsides collection containing the most images at the moment.  Grover Baker, The Center for Popular Music (CPM) librarian states:

One reason we selected Andornot and their Starter Kit is that we felt it could meet all of our current needs while carrying us into the future.“

He comments further:

Working with the folks at Andornot has been a wonderful experience!  From the outset, it was obvious that they had taken time to become familiar with our database and the different types of items found within our collections.  Because they were able to recognize that our collections are somewhat akin to those found in museums, they combined features from their Museum Starter Kit with those in the ASK Starter Kit.  Andornot was able to tailor the search screens to work seamlessly within the template of our website. The results are fantastic, and our users are going to love searching with the new database!

Andornot coordinated with our campus IT staff to install the system on our server.  When they ran into a glitch, they were able to determine the problem and get everything working properly in an amazingly short period of time.”

Contact Andornot for more information on how to integrate your textbase into your website template, improve textbase navigation and add a multitude of social elements. 

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