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The Lindesmith Library at the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a progressive American organization that promotes policy alternatives to the war on drugs, has just launched an online library of over 15,000 records related to drug policy. Based on Inmagic Genie, the library integrates data from three previously separate databases, providing a single search-point for a wealth of specialized resources. The records include books, videos and journals, as well as numerous online articles and resources.

Andornot provided data conversion services to DPA, converting data from a DB/TextWorks library catalog textbase and a periodicals textbase, as well as a ColdFusion Content Management System, into the Genie Catalog, Serials, and Orders modules.

A number of Genie configuration options were utilized to tailor this Genie site to the specific requirements of DPA and their users.

  • We configured the Genie OPAC to have a header at the top that matches the header on other pages related to the DPA Network Lindesmith Library (see our developer blog post on how we did this).
  • We installed our Autoboolean search script for the first time in Genie. This feature allows users to enter any keywords in selected fields in any order, and have the AND operator (&) applied. This was particularly useful for DPA in the author field, where author names have sometimes been entered as "First Name Last Name" and other times as "Last Name, First Name."
  • The OPAC InfoCart was renamed to Record List to (see our developer blog post on how we did this).

You can view some of the other configuration options Andornot has utilized in our Genie Demo site.

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