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Andornot's Genie Starter Kit is a great way to get up and running with the Inmagic Genie integrated library system quickly and easily.

Out of the box, Genie comes with a configuration suitable for all libraries, with basic search screens, reports and edit screens for each module. Right after installation, you can log in and start cataloguing items, entering borrowers and loaning items, routing serials, and managing orders or interlibrary loans.

However, there are many more features available with Genie that are not pre-configured. Full details of how to add these to your Genie configuration are in the technical notes included with Genie, but requires some study and effort. Configuration files are primarily XML, so to take advantage of these features, you'd need to:

  • study the manual;
  • install a text editor that understands XML;
  • learn a bit about XML so you can edit the syntax correctly;
  • learn tips and tricks from other Genie users;
  • add features to the configuration files; and
  • correct errors that may creep in as you edit the files.

If you need Genie to be available in English and French, another set of steps would be required to adjust the configuration, and some translation may be needed.

Andornot's Genie Starter Kit saves you all of the above trouble, and gives you the benefit of Andornot's years of experience configuring Genie for a wide variety of clients. We know and understand both the Genie system and the many ways in is used in different types of libraries, from law firms to hospitals to government agencies. Our Genie Starter Kit is configured to meet the specific needs of these types of libraries, and includes features such as:

  • Customized search screens, including an All Fields screen in every module that lists every searchable field, allowing ultimate flexibility (especially useful for those coming to Genie from DB/TextWorks).
  • Shortcuts between search screens – hyperlinks instead of drop-downs.
  • Icons in search results to indicate material type.
  • Customized Bookwhere / MARC XML conversion file for importing catalogue records from other sources.
  • Shortcuts, such as links on a Borrower record to view a Borrower's loans, reserves, routed serials and orders, or to edit records added to a selection list.
  • Additional reports, such as Orders by Title, Order Subscriptions, a Loan Receipt, a and a Loan Due Soon reminder.
  • Additional statistics, such as counts of different types of records and loans per year.
  • Reports for batch modification and deletion of records, with appropriate permissions to only Administrators have access.
  • Additional and customized order types, order statuses, payment methods and currencies.
  • Additional fields, such as Borrower Status, Catalog Staff Notes, and URLs for Serial issues.
  • Updated location validation lists that include Canadian provinces and territories.
  • Standardized date format so that every date in Genie uses the same format.
  • Textbase field changes to improve searching and sorting.
  • Can be used in English and French, for bilingual Genie installations.

While you could develop all of the above yourself, it requires quite a bit of time and skill, so why not let Andornot improve your Genie workflow quickly and easily.

Every Genie site we set up uses our Genie Starter Kit, but it's also available for existing Genie sites and users. Contact us to discuss how this kit could improve your use of Genie and help you get more out of your investment in Genie.

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