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Environmental law resources are now available at your fingertips at This useful source from the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton uses Inmagic WebPublisher Pro and Andornot's WebPublisher Developer Kit with the ordering cart feature.

Navigation within the database is easy as it contains Ajax Index Popups, and various Andornot built scripts such as Revise (Rewind) Search, Next and Previous hyperlinks, Back to Search Results hyperlinks, Friendly Find, and Change Form Dropdown.

It also features a template that integrates nicely with the rest of their lovely site on a server in Edmonton, AB. The database is hosted on our servers in Vancouver, BC, and with our templating system we have made the switching between servers seamless.

The Library of the Environmental Law Centre is a specialized collection of materials relevant to environmental law and policy, primarily in Alberta, but selectively in other jurisdictions as well. Iris Djurfors, the librarian says, "We are very excited and pleased with the site Andornot developed for our library catalog. They worked very quickly to finish the project, integrated the design of the database to fit so well with our existing website and were very helpful in working with us through some issues as they arose."

Link here to see this catalog and if you are a resident of Western Canada you can even borrow items.

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