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Item Fields Appear After Catalog Fields

When defining a catalog label in MyLabels.config, you can pull data from both the Catalog and Items textbases. Data from Items is wrapped in <ItemInfo> tags

  <Field Name="ItemVolume" Header="v." />
  <Field Name="ItemCopyInfo" Header="c." />

While you can place the ItemInfo section anywhere in the label definition, when the label is rendered on screen or printed, the ItemInfo section will always appear last. It's best to place it last in the config file section as well, so it's clear where it will appear on the label.

If you have a strong need to place some Item fields before or in between Catalog fields, it is possible to subdivide one of the boxes on the labels into smaller boxes, one with the Catalog fields and the other with the Item fields. It takes some dedicated work with a ruler and finessing of the label measurements, some trial and error with the printer, and a dose of patience, but it can be done.

Limit Number of Words

If you have a field on the label, such as Title or Subtitle, that tends to have quite a bit of data in it, it may not fit in the available space on the label, and will push other fields down and off the label. One remedy is to limit the amount of data from the field that appears. You can do this by adding this line


to the field (where x is a number).

<Field Name="CatTitle" Style="font-weight:bold" UseFunction="NumberOfWords(5)" />

This function is documented in the Inmagic Genie Technical Notes document in relation to the MyReports.config file. However, it works equally well in MyLabels.config.

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