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Genie’s Catalog Edit Screen includes all the fields needed to manage bibliographic records in the Genie catalogue. To help see more fields at once and minimize the need to scroll, the fields are split across four tabs, as shown here:

However, as monitors grow ever larger, with ever higher resolutions, more of a web page can be seen at once, and thus it may be more efficient to have more fields on fewer tabs. For example, here’s a layout with all the core bibliographic fields on one tab, with only serial info remaining on a separate tab:

This layout features fields that span the full width of the form, half the width, and one-third the width.

It’s fairly easy to do this by editing the Catalog edit screen in the MyEditScreens.config file, but do note that you will need to create a MyGenie.css style sheet with 2 new catalog edit styles, for the full-width and one-third width boxes, such as:

Once the styles are created, just re-arrange the fields in the Catalog edit screen into multiple tables of rows with 1, 2 or 3 fields in them, each using the appropriate styles. Here’s an example of the start of the report:

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