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Each year KMWorld magazine publishes a list of the top 100 companies out of the thousand or so software vendors vying for sales in the broad knowledge management arena. Their criteria for inclusion in the list takes into account the current economic downtown, and they have selected companies such as Inmagic, Inc that they believe are well positioned.

".....we had to factor companies’ ability to not only survive a potential catastrophe but also thrive and deliver solutions to help their customers succeed, as well.

Hence, we believe that each of the companies listed below embodies as part of its culture the agility and limber execution of its mission, in whatever subject areas upon which they focus. Both small and large, they embrace a spirit of innovation and adaptability. They each embody the resiliency and wisdom to identify and act upon their own areas requiring improvement and, more importantly, those of their customers."

See the Inmagic blog post and press release for more details.

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