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Encrypting communication between web browsers and web servers has been common for years, and is now pretty much required in all situations. The protocols used for this encryption have evolved over the years, in spec and in name, from SSL versions 1.0 to 3.0, then TLS versions 1.0 to the present 1.2 and 1.3. As newer versions are released, older ones are considered less secure and obsolete. As a security best practice, it is usually prudent to remove or disable older protocols on servers, so they can’t be exploited.

All software that Andornot offers and hosts is or can be run under TLS 1.2 or later, including Inmagic WebPublisher PRO. Version 19 of WebPublisher PRO, released in 2021, has native support for TLS 1.2, but there is a workaround for earlier versions.

If you are running WebPublisher PRO on premises and disable versions of SSL and TLS less than TLS 1.2 and find your WebPublisher app no longer works, contact us. We can both advise you on approaches for your current software and suggest more modern software for an improved search experience, such as our Andornot Discovery Interface.

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