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Longest day of the year today. Feel that all-natural Vitamin D! I'm bathing in photons right now.

Interesting fact. Or theory, whatever. Photons (smallest possible packets of light) always move at the speed of light: 670 million miles per hour. Zing! Theory goes, everything moves at the speed of light actually, just not in the spatial dimensions. You yourself are moving at the speed of light if you include time, the 4th dimension. You can translate some of that speed to space (start walking) and indeed, relative to an observer, time passes more slowly for you. So photons, already and always at the speed of light spatially, do not and have never aged.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated topic, I am knocked out by the cool factor of find-as-you-type, auto-complete combo boxes for the web, as seen on Google Suggest! I's be downloading the 30 day free trial. I think they use some sort of time-travelling tachyon beam to broadcast the choice I *will* have made back to the search box. Clever. Damnably clever.

Keywords: nifty, photon of youth, tachyon combo box

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