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IIS Admin is a beautifully simple tool to use when doing web-based developing on an XP workstation, and it makes my life bearable some days. It's a blessing to be able to create a directory structure for each client project that actually replicates their real-life site from the web root down. Nathan told me about it. Thank you Nathan Mayr, I'm naming my children after you. Yeah, all of them.

From the website: "IIS Admin is a small tool for for use on Windows XP Professional. As you may have noticed, Windows XP Professional's IIS installation only allows one running website at a time. This is where IIS admin enters the picture, it allows you to easily create multiple websites on Windows XP Professional and quick switching between them."

I like the very understated "as you may have noticed" bit. It's more like, "as you may have wept tears of bitter frustration into your keyboard such that the individual keys rusted shut."

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