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Out of the box, Inmagic Genie’s Orders module has a field for Order Number. It’s a required field into which you can enter a unique number for each order. The intention of this field is to allow you to synchronize order records in Genie with records in an accounting system, by entering the accounting record number into this field.

This is a great feature for this specific purpose. However, if you are using the Genie Orders module on its own, or simply have no need to synchronize with an accounting or other system, it can be a bit tricky to enter a new, unique number for each new order record you create in Genie.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and easy solution to this: make the Order Number field an automatic number and allow Genie to assign a new number to each order record for you!

To do so, follow these steps (or contact Andornot to help you with them):

1. Use DB/TextWorks to open the Orders textbase, then change the OrdOrderNumber field to be Automatic Number. Set the next available number to wherever you’d like to start numbering (e.g. 1 more than your last order number).

2. In the MyEditScreens.config XML configuration file, change the OrdOrderNumber field to be read-only and have a note explaining how it now works. Be sure to change this in both the serials and item order screens.

e.g. <Field Name="OrdOrderNumber" Display="Order No. (created when saved)" Type="TextBox" CssClass="orders_edit_onethird_readonly"  ShowBrowse="false" Width="232" Align="left" ReadOnly="true" Required=”false”/>

Save the configuration file changes and reload all the configuration files in Genie, from the About box.

That’s it! You’re all set.

When you create new orders, the field will be appear greyed out and won’t initially have a number in it. When you save the order record, the number will be automatically added to the OrdOrderNumber field in the Orders textbase. However, it won’t appear on the screen until you search for and view the order record again.

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