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The Genie config files allow changes to many textual elements within Genie, from field names and labels to the names of the Browse buttons.

However, not everything that appears on the Genie screens is exposed in the config files. Other text is stored in a resource file, one for different languages, that can be copied and edited using the procedure below. Note that there is currently no documentation for changing these files.

1. Locate the file "GlobalResource.RESX ". It is typically installed in C:\Program Files\Inmagic\Genie\App_GlobalResources.

2. Create a new plain text file in this same folder called "GlobalResource.en-US.RESX" (or if your instance of Genie is configured for a different locale, change en-US to that locale).

3. Copy the following from the GlobalResource.RESX file to the new .RESX file:

    • The header information: Everything from the top of the file to just before the first <data> tag.
    • Only those <data> tags containing messages that you want to be different than the original message.
    • The </root> tag from the bottom of the file.

4. Within the <data> tags you copied, edit the text between <value> and </value> to change the message.

For example, to change the name of the InfoCart to "Record List", you would copy all of the <data> tags that refer to the InfoCart and edit their values to incorporate Records List.


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