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The Genie Orders module can be used not only for tracking materials ordered, including books, journal subscriptions and standing orders, but as a wish list – a database of materials you are thinking of ordering, or that have been requested by your users.

To use the Orders Module as a wish list, we recommend editing the Order Types listed in the MyGenie.config file to add a wish list entry.

e.g. <Type>Wish List</Type>

When entering order records, select this order type and optionally use the Requestor field to record who wished for the item. You will not likely want to create a Catalog record for these Order records just yet – not until you actually order them.

You may wish to edit the Orders Search screen to be able to search for items on the wish list. To do so, open MyQueries.config and find the "orders_search" search screen. The simplest way to add a new field is to copy en existing one and change the field name to OrdType.


<QueryField Type="QueryField" CssClass="SearchTextInput" LabelCssClass="SearchLabel" ShowBrowse="true" ShowBoolean="true" FieldList="OrdType"/>

This will allow you to find all items on the wish list. When enough have accumulated, you might select them from the search results and email the list to staff for a vote in which ones to actually order.

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