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Version 2.4 of the open-source VuFind discovery interface has just been released.

This new release adds several new features as well as further improving the stability and flexibility of the software.

Some key additions:

  • A new default theme incorporating responsive design for a more consistent desktop vs. mobile experience.
  • Support for the Piwik open source analytics tool.
  • Integration with new web services including DPLA search results and Facebook authentication.
  • Smarter indexing of call numbers for improved searching, sorting and browsing.
  • Updates to the latest versions of key components, including Zend Framework and SolrMarc, and adjustments to take advantage of new language features found in PHP 5.4.

Additionally, several bug fixes, new configuration options and minor improvements have been incorporated.

Andornot continues to recommend VuFind as a low-cost discovery interface option for libraries, as well as our own Andornot Discovery Interface for libraries, archives, museums and art galleries. More and more libraries are choosing one of these for their collections.

Contact us to learn how one of these tools could improve resource discovery for your users.

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