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Version 2.0 of VuFind, the popular open-source discovery interface, was released June 21, 2013. Version 2 follows version 1.4 released in January of this year and is an almost completely new version of the application.

For end-users, there are few changes - the system continues to deliver the features expected of a discovery interface: relevant results, facets for refinement, spelling suggestions and related titles, and easy saving and sharing of records.

For system administrators and developers like Andornot, version 2.0 brings many changes that make installing, configuring and customizing VuFind much easier. This page provides a good summary of the architecture changes and rationale for it. We're looking forward to working with this new version.

If you are running VuFind, there is no immediate need to upgrade. However, as additional features are added to the version 2.0 codebase, and as the technologies in the version 1.x line grow older, you will at some point want to move to version 2.0 or a follow-on release, and we'd be happy to help you do that.

View a demonstration of VuFind.

Contact us to learn more about the VuFind discovery interface and how it can give your users a search engine with all the features they have come to expect.


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