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At time of writing (Feb 27, 2007) no Inmagic products officially support Windows Vista. But honestly, doing something "not officially supported" just makes it all the more fun, doesn't it?

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
-- Sir Edmund Hillary

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, though let it be said also that installing unsupported software on Vista is pretty terrifying.
-- Me

I'll describe how to get WebPublisher running, since the DB/TextWorks install is completely straightforward (hint: install it as administrator).

The WebPublisher install is no big deal; it's the permissions and IIS settings which are interesting.


Vista has a built-in IUSR account which is just called "IUSR", not "IUSR_machinename". This, apparently, so ACL permissions can easily be copied from one maching to another. Good.

Confusing, though, is the existence of a new local group called IIS_IUSRS, which contrary to my  (probably foolish) expectation, does not actually contain IUSR. IIS_IUSRS replaces IIS_WPG.

Set permissions on the WebPubPro installation directory as follows:

%Program Files%\WebPubPro\ - IUSR READ
%Program Files%\WebPubPro\exec\ - IUSR READ & EXECUTE 
%Program Files%\WebPubPro\qsets\ - IUSR READ, WRITE

IIS Settings

The IIS 7 management console is unlike IIS 5 or 6.  Just enough to furrow your brow. Probably the WPP setup did not create a dbtw-wpd directory. This is unsupported software on Vista, crybaby!

Create a dbtw-wpd virtual directory, pointed to %Program Files%\WebPubPro\. Then

  1. Ensure the Handler Mapping for ISAPI-dll is enabled on this virtual directory, i.e. has "execute" handler permissions. (It has execute handler permissions disabled by default.)
  2. Go to the machine root in the IIS mgmt console, ISAPI and CGI restrictions, and add the WebPublisher dll as an "allowed restriction". This step is exactly like allowing the dll in IIS 6.

And that's it - you're on your merry way. 

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