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Recently we have had several clients contact us about various WebPublisher PRO error messages. The two main ones are as follows (please note the bolded words):

DB/Text or CS/WebPublisher: Operation failed for unknown reason while processing 'begin finding RootURL ProcessInput', after line ####. Please inform Inmagic, Inc.

DB/Text or CS/WebPublisher PRO: Operation failed for unknown reason while processing 'open textbase [doOpenTextbase]', after line ####. Please inform Inmagic, Inc.

We believe that the cause is a recent Microsoft server update interfering with some WebPublisher PRO functions. There are some easy fixes to both the errors:

  • RootURL
  • We have determined that the problem is with the BU line in the search code where the BU line is set to a short form, for example in a search page:

    <input type="hidden" id="BU" name="BU" value="default.aspx" />

    Luckily the fix is easy. Just replace the short form of the BU line with the full URL, for example:

    <input type="hidden" id="BU" name="BU" value="http://WebsiteName/default.aspx" />

    This is also true in canned queries, for example: BU=/default.aspx should be BU=http://WebsiteName/default.aspx

    What is the BU line for? From Inmagic Knowledgebase article # 2104:

    "BU" is the location of the link that submitted the search. It is required for a canned query if you would like to use expand record jump or change the report after the results of the canned query are returned.

  • Open textbase
  • This error can be resolved by restarting IIS.

Please contact Andornot or Inmagic Support if you have been experiencing either of these error messages.

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