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What I'm reading right now. And reviews.

A New Kind of Science, Stephen Wolfram Brain say ouch. Smoo stars.

Farmer Giles of Ham, J.R.R. Tolkien Haven't actually started. Due back at library soon. Probably... not going to get read. Uh... no stars yet.

Eric, Terry Pratchett A book I'm almost finished but am not going to finish because frankly it sucks. I've read a lot of Terry Pratchett (by which I mean all of Terry Pratchett) and this one should be avoided. Can't believe I bought it. -1 stars. That's minus one.

The Pinball Effect, James Burke More goodness from Mr. Burke. The best part about reading him is that he writes like he talks. Ace stars.

Gardens of the Moon, Steven Erikson Sigh. I tried this once already, but Dana said I should try it AGAIN, so I promised him I'd make it through 200 pages before giving up. I'm on page 50. It had better get good FAST. 50 stars. One for every page I've suffered through.

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