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Andornot has designed and developed search engine and information management solutions since 1995, and has used primarily discovery interface style tools for the past decade. We’ve provided our own Andornot Discovery Interface (AnDI) to many of our clients, and watched and learned from their questions and uses of the application

Over this decade of development, we’ve added many new features to individual AnDI sites, either at the request of clients, or based on our own observations and learning, as well as taking into consideration ever-evolving best practices in usability, accessibility and web design and development.

In 2020, we embarked on a project to take the best features and enhancements and roll them all up into a new version of AnDI. This version is now ready for use, both to upgrade existing AnDI sites and for all new ones.

With many software products that evolve over time, as more and more features are added, they sometimes become bloated and confusing. More is not necessarily better and it’s always been our intention to adhere to the Don't Make Me Think principle. So a user should not need to read search tips or help pages to use a tool and find what they are looking for, and should be able to understand the entire screen at a glance, without having to pause to decipher complex options.

This PDF describes some of the most significant enhancements in the latest version of AnDI, which complement the core features that have made AnDI such a powerful search engine. Sites built from the latest version are added to our online Project Portfolio as they launch, so check that out to see live sites, and be sure to ask us about any features not listed in the PDF that may already exist or could be developed for you.

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