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The Arthur A. Wishart Library at Algoma University has recently launched two new online databases to make it easier for the public to access archival resources, and student and faculty-driven research.

The first database holds records for the university's Archives and Special Collections.Algoma University Archives & Special Collections Behind the scenes  the software used is DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO from Inmagic, Inc., along with the Archives Online and Archives Starter Kit add-on packages from Andornot which are specifically designed for managing archival descriptions. Both a quick search and an advanced search option are provided, and canned searches display Archival Finding Aids dynamically from the database for selected fonds.  Andornot assisted with the design and with integration of the Algoma template into the search and results pages.

The second database is an institutional repository called DigitalAlgoma designed to hold new student and faculty driven research, often referred to as “born-digital” research. Included in the DigitalAlgoma archives are over two hundred honours theses from past Algoma University psychology and computer science students.  The same template and the archival databases and forms were used as a basis for designing the web interface for DigitalAlgoma, allowing this to be created in-house quickly and effectively. 

The Archives and Special Collections interface also includes an iGoogle gadget to allow users to add a search box to their iGoogle home pages. (see our Developer blog post for more information on how to set these up.)

Check out the press release or contact us for for further information.

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