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For many years, Andornot has proudly sponsored professional association events and supported our colleagues through participation in conference trade shows. And in 2017 we introduced our Andornot Professional Development Grant, which was historically awarded annually to one person to help them attend a conference.

In 2021, in recognition of the changing nature of professional development and the other challenges of the time, we expanded the number of awards and the purposes to which it could be put.

For 2022, we're returning to a focus on funding professional development opportunities, whether they be in person or virtual. $1,000 is available, but will be shared amongst as many applicants as possible. The funds could be put towards any costs associated with activities such as:

  • Attending an in-person or online conference, workshop, study session, event, lecture or other learning opportunity.
  • Hosting our organizing such an event.

Costs that could be funded include the costs of the virtual or real world event (space, speaker fees, software fees, travel costs) or even the loss of income if you miss work to participate or organize the event.

We’re open to your ideas for what might benefit you and your work or career in these challenging times, so these are simply ideas. We invite you to also present something for which you seek funding.

The deadline for application is January 31, 2022 and recipients will be notified as soon as possible after that date.

Apply by completing this form.

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