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The Regional Centers for Healthy Communities (RCHC) are a group of six separate entities in Massachusetts, working in partnership to build and sustain healthy communities throughout RCHCWebLogo500 the state and the country.  Their services are many, including resource libraries in each location that provide free loans of current and culturally appropriate prevention resources including videos, curricula, books, and health data. 

The union catalogue of all the resources is hosted by Andornot at http://rchc.andornot.comand is entirely web-based.  It has a public facing catalog database, including the ability to request items, plus behind the scenes loans and borrower databases.  RCHC staff can catalog books, add borrowers and process loans all through a secure login.  The databases are powered by Inmagic WebPublisher Pro and many of the Andornot scripts provide additional search and results display functionality, including Google book covers and previews

Under the guidance of RCHC director, Jim Ryan the site recently underwent a sharp new revamp, with a crisp clean look and logo. Also included are navigational links to all member websites, plus links to other Resources for Community Prevention Work. 

dtSearchResults In addition, a powerful new aspect of the site features the dtSearch search engine which indexes 30 different websites including PDF and Word documents.  The search results are displayed below the search box with the first search hit highlighted in context.  Results are sorted by relevancy and the link to the specific material opens in a new window.  Users can search just the RCHC websites or the 27 other related websites or both in combination.  All websites searched are listed on a separate pagewith individual links to each site.

Jim Ryan and his team are excited about the new the feature on their site:

“Our dtSearch engine will be a great tool for our clients who need to find information that is critical to their programming.” 

Andornot is a reseller and developer for the Windows based dtSearch product and encourages users to consider utilizing this powerful tool to rapidly search through thousands of pages of documents and websites (a dtSearch indexcan hold over a terabyte of text in up to 2 billion documents).  Contact us for more information about this tool or about the RCHC site.  

The BC Superior Courts recently announced the launch of their new website. Andornot recommended the purchase of the dtSearch software used in the new search interface and provided some advice to the consultants building their site.

We were delighted to see the positive review of the search capabilities on Steve Matthews' Vancouver Law Librarian blog.  dtSearch is a great tool for indexing documents, websites or other data - please contact us for more information or prices.

dtSearch has recently been reviewed in three publications and received some very positive comments including a rating of 5 out of 5.

  • dtSearch 7 Desktop with Spider (The index is mightier than the sword)
    From Windows IT Pro, September 2008.
    "dtSearch has made this skeptic a believer by providing easy-to-manage indexes and blazingly fast search functionality all rolled into one nice, tidy bundle called dtSearch 7 Desktop with Spider. "
  • dtSearch 64-bit Version (Search Technology Optimized for the Corporate Computing Environment)
    From PRO, August 7, 2008
    "dtSearch not only continues to remain a player in the market, but, more importantly, is one of the major players in the customized content search systems for corporations. In addition to a strong local desktop search product with a high degree of flexible query customization, the product’s Server and Spider editions provide a programming API that developers can incorporate into their own programs. This can turn dtSearch’s powerful but overwhelming (at least for non-technical users) interface into a clean Google-like text box optimized for the corporate content searches at hand."
  • Find What You Need: dtSearch Makes Data Center Searches A Cinch 
    From Processor, August 15, 2008. Vol.30 Issue 33. Page 11 in print issue.

Contact us for more information on our dtSearch implementation assistance services.

A recent review in ChannelWeb (June 28th, 2007) of the Google Mini search appliance compares it with the dtSearch product line: "The biggest sore spot with the Mini is its $2,000 price tag. Competing vendor dtSearch, a channel-friendly vendor, offers a much better solution. For $999 per server, dtSearch offers a robust search engine with a comprehensive Win and .Net API. dtSearch's engine can connect to any file system, including Web content, and it is not limited to a page count. Solution providers can build custom interfaces, integrate the engine with any custom application and package a solution on any hardware that can meet customer requirements. Solution providers can ratchet it up as much as they want. dtSearch also has a dedicated site for third-party developers that provide development services."

Andornot is a registered dtSearch developer - see our dtSearch product info page or check out our own Andornot site search.

If you are looking for a value packed document, email and website search engine, contact Andornot for more information.

dtSearch has announced Version 7.3 of the dtSearch product line, including preliminary support for Word 2007 (*.docx) and Excel 2007 (*.xlsx), based on the current Office 2007 beta and available documentation. For detailed release notes, please see:

dtSearch has also announced beta testing of dtSearch Version 7.4, with a new option to automatically recognize dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers during indexing. This version also continues the beta test of the 64-bit version of the dtSearch Engine. For additional information, including download instructions, please see:

Contact us for more details.

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