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A recent review in ChannelWeb (June 28th, 2007) of the Google Mini search appliance compares it with the dtSearch product line: "The biggest sore spot with the Mini is its $2,000 price tag. Competing vendor dtSearch, a channel-friendly vendor, offers a much better solution. For $999 per server, dtSearch offers a robust search engine with a comprehensive Win and .Net API. dtSearch's engine can connect to any file system, including Web content, and it is not limited to a page count. Solution providers can build custom interfaces, integrate the engine with any custom application and package a solution on any hardware that can meet customer requirements. Solution providers can ratchet it up as much as they want. dtSearch also has a dedicated site for third-party developers that provide development services."

Andornot is a registered dtSearch developer - see our dtSearch product info page or check out our own Andornot site search.

If you are looking for a value packed document, email and website search engine, contact Andornot for more information.

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