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The Nova Scotia Barristers Society uses DB/TextWorks to manage their library catalogue. The collection has been searchable online with a variety of tools over the years, and now is powered by Andornot Discovery Interface.

The site is available at and hosted by Andornot.


When searching, features such as spelling corrections and search suggestions, relevancy-ranked results, and facets such as Author, Subject, Material Type and Publication Date help users to quickly locate items of interest.

Several thousand documents are immediately available online, with the full text indexed and fully searchable.

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The Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA) is a collaborative effort initiated by a group of Catholic colleges and universities to share their resources electronically with librarians, archivists, researchers, scholars, and the general public, all who are interested in the Catholic experience.


A website at provides information about CRRA, while a union catalogue of member resources, powered by the open-source VuFind discovery interface provides global, freely available access to rare, unique and/or uncommon materials in libraries, seminaries, special collections and archives. By electronically bringing together resources in many formats from many collections, the VuFind site enables easy, effective and global discovery of Catholic research resources.

The collection includes records uploaded in MARC, MARC XML and PastPerfect format, as well as records harvested directly from member systems using the OAI-PMH protocol.

The VuFind system was previously hosted by one of the member universities, but is now hosted and co-managed by Andornot and CRRA.

The Arcadia Public Library's history collection supports the library's mission to collect and preserve materials relating to the cultural and intellectual heritage of the City of Arcadia, California.

Significant holdings include photographs from the Arcadia Tournament of Roses and Santa Anita Assembly Center for the Japanese, U.S. Army Balloon School papers, and a collection of books written by Arcadia authors. Other items focus on Elias DJ. "Lucky" Baldwin, Los Angeles County Arboretum, and Santa Anita Park Racetrack. The history of the City of Arcadia is documented from its incorporation in 1903 and includes information on local government, businesses, and maps.

Holdings currently comprise some 2000 photographs, three file cabinets of newspaper clippings, Arcadia City Directories from 1923 to the present, Arcadia school yearbooks, scrapbooks, Arcadia newspapers on microfilm from 1931 and Arcadia census on microfilm. Most of the collection ranges in date from the 1870's to the present.

Arcadia Public Library History Collection

Andornot worked with library and city staff to upgrade their older DB/TextWorks databases, clean up some of the data, and provide access to the results through our DB/TextWorks hosting service. We then developed and host a modern search interface using our Andornot Discovery Interface, available at

The online collection provides access to documents, newspaper clippings, citations, and obituaries, as well as photos and paintings relating to Arcadia.

The home page features a rotating selection of watercolour paintings, as well as Quick Start links to other areas of the collection, ideal for new users. The graphic design of the site was matched to a new website for the library, for a relatively seamless transition from one to the other.

The law library of the Law Society of New Brunswick has just upgraded their library catalogue public search interface to one powered by our Andornot Discovery Interface.

Law Society of New Brunswick Law Library

Available in both English and French at, the catalogue allows lawyers around the province to search holdings in each main city where the society has a library collection, and to filter their results by date, subject, author, language and type of material. Additional features such as spelling corrections, search suggestions and relevancy-ranked results help connect users to resources quickly and accurately.

Behind the search interface, library staff use Inmagic DB/TextWorks to manage their data.

The site is hosted by Andornot as part of our Managed Hosting service.

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The Manitoba Law Library has launched a new online catalogue featuring not only their print and electronic library resources, but a collection of over 17,500 judgments from Manitoba courts spanning 1970 to 1998. 

The new site is available at and is powered by our Andornot Discovery Interface on top of Inmagic DB/TextWorks databases.

While Manitoba judgments made since 1998 are already available digitally in CANLII, the historic judgments in this collection were not previously available online or in any electronic form. Law Library staff scanned print copies of these judgments, then turned to Andornot to create a search engine for the collection.

"The Great Library has long been known to have this "secret" database of unreported judgments. Our goal was to make this collection available to everyone who wanted it, and to be able to retrieve it themselves."

-- Karen Sawatzky, Director of Legal Resources, Manitoba Law Library Inc.

Andornot created a DB/TextWorks database of judgment records out of a combination of a spreadsheet of metadata, listings of the scanned judgment PDF files on disk, and custom programming to extract additional metadata, such as Court Name, from acronyms in an Accession Number.

As the scanned print copies had not yet been OCRd to convert the images to text, we ran a process to do so for all 17,500 files. This allows the full text of the judgment to be indexed and made searchable in the new site.

This Judgments database, along with a library catalogue database also now managed with DB/TextWorks, is indexed in the site.

This new site offers users the features they expect from library catalogues and all search engines: spelling corrections, "did you mean" search suggestions, relevancy ranked results powered by sophisticated algorithms, and facets such as subject, name, date and type of material to quickly and easily refine a search. When searching the historic judgments, users can also refine their search by Court.

If any search words were found in the full text of a judgment, a snippet of the relevant passage showing the words in context is display in search results. The user may then click a single button to open the judgment in their browser, showing the original scanned document, but with their search words pre-highlighted, where ever they may appear in the document. This feature saves the user from having to download, open and search all over again within the PDF for the relevant passage.

"We wanted to make it easier for our users to find material, whether it is an e-book, a print book, or a report, as well as upgrade the look and feel of our catalog. This system also allows us to create useful reports that help us demonstrate the value of our collection."

-- Karen Sawatzky

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