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Last week Google announced a developer sandbox for iGoogle and an updated website to help developers build and distribute gadgets.

According to Google there are now tens of millions of iGoogle accounts worldwide. I have used one for a while now as it allows me to login to my account from any PC and get access to my bookmarks, and the latest postings from selected news and professional blogs.iGoogle

I'd already been experimenting with creating an iGoogle gadget to search Inmagic databases, and the updated developer site provided just the push we needed to get a prototype working. The page above shows two search box gadiGoogle2gets on one of my iGoogle pages.You can test adding one to your own iGoogle page from our WebPublisher Links search screen. 

We already have our first client who wants to have this implemented on their site. Many of their users have iGoogle accounts and this is a great way of making searches easy and convenient rather than expecting the user to navigate to the library OPAC each time. 

The iGoogle Gadget Editor is not as obvious as it could be, so we still have to work out the best way to publish gadgets and make them accessible through the iGoogle  directory. I believe the trend to personalized pages will continue, whether it be through iGoogle, or gadgets or widgets for other services. Therefore this is definitely functionality we will be working on more as time permits.  It's also fun and exciting to be able to create these gadgets to work with Inmagic software!

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