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Inmagic Genie includes a statistics page (usually found under Other in the left-side navigation menu) that provides a brief summary of important information about Genie. Out of the box, these statistics include:

  • Overdue Loans (total and by age: 1-7 days overdue, 8-14 days overdue, and more than 14 days overdue)
  • Overdue Serials 
  • Serials with Routing Lists
  • Catalog Records with Reserves

This is a good starting point, but we've found our clients want to know more about their collection and its usage. Some of the additional statistics we add to this page include:

  • Total Number of Catalog Records
  • Total Number of Item Records
  • Total Active Journal Subscriptions
  • Total Journal Issues (and other totals of specific types of materials)
  • Total Number of Borrowers
  • Total Loans per Calendar Year
  • Serials Not Received (differentiating between those marked Missing and those expected but not yet arrived)

It takes very little time to set these up, but they can then be accessed any time, by any authorized staff person.

These statistics are created by edited the MyStatistics.config Genie configuration file. Previously this required access to the server to edit this file. However, as of Genie version 3.5, you can enable access to all the configuration files through the Genie web interface. With this enabled, you would download the configuration file to your PC, edit it, and upload it again. 

Other statistical information can be obtained from Genie by searching the individual databases and selecting a pre-created statistical report. For example, while you can configure the Statistics page to give you a count of total loans for a calendar year, to get a breakdown by type of record (book, DVD, report, etc.) or by department, or by how long the item was kept out, you would search in Loans and select one of the statistical reports provided, such as Loan Statistics by Department. If the existing reports don't provide the statistic you need, it's easy to create a new report by editing the MyReports.config file. You can then include links to these reports in the Statistics page.

Andornot keeps a set of configuration files with many additional reports, search screens, pre-created statistics and similar "best practice" changes to the default configuration that ships with Genie. A list of many of this is available here. We can combine our set of configuration files with your existing ones to keep what you most like about yours, while adding new features and functionality from our experience with many Genie systems.

Contact us to review changes that might help you take better advantage of all the features in Genie.


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