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When initially installed, Genie is set up with an English-language interface. However, Genie can also be set up with French-language screens so that staff and users can work in the language of their choice.


Installation is fairly straightforward using Inmagic's instructions and localization files, but does involve editing some Genie .config files.

From your library home page, you can direct end users to the OPAC and have it start in either language, simply by specifying the language in the URL.

e.g. will start the OPAC in Canadian French (this site is Andornot's Genie demo).

Library staff can also choose a language for working with the Catalog, Serials and other modules.

In both the OPAC and library staff area, a cookie is set to retain the language choice.

Contact Andornot or Inmagic, Inc. to obtain the French localization files and step-by-step instructions for installation.

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