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Email download notifications for Genie version 3.2 have been sent out by Inmagic, Inc. to clients on the Inmagic maintenance program.

Genie v3.2 features include:

  • Self-Service Lending. Patrons can now check materials out of the library and/or renew their own outstanding loans, either from a public terminal or from their own browser.
  • Edit screens can now have NEXT/PREV buttons to navigate to the next or previous record.
  • Checkout pages now automatically display information about the borrower and items when you move off the field. 
  • Additional configuration options such as:
    • The ability to pre-set the default Boolean value of a button on a query box.
    • The ability to specify the sort order for item records appearing in a Catalog full display report.
    • Labels for printing can be sorted.

The install is straightforward if upgrading from version 3.x.  Be sure to read the installation notes which include sections on the features that are not enabled by default (such as self checkout), and instructions on how to edit your config files to add the next / previous links to edit screens.

Please contact us if you would like assistance implementing these new features or are upgrading from a version earlier than version 3.0. 

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