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Along with many other enhancements added to our Andornot Discovery Interface in 2021 is a new flipbook style viewer that is particularly useful for browsing newspapers, magazines and other documents.


Similar to the existing PDF viewer built in to AnDI, no work is required on your part to use this feature. PDFs that are indexed in AnDI will be available to view within search results, with no extra software required, in either the existing PDF viewer, with search words highlighted, or in the flipbook viewer, which offers page turning animation, as well as zooming in and out. The intention of this feature is to recreate the experience of paging through material as you would with the physical item.

Having both PDF viewing options available in AnDI search results meets the needs of different kinds of users at the same time: the researcher looking for a particular name, place or words in a document, versus a more casual reader nostalgically reviewing digitized back issues of newspapers, for example.

See these publications in the Bulkley Valley Museum online collection for a live example of the flipbook viewer.

This feature is included in all new AnDI projects, while existing AnDI sites can be upgraded to the latest version of AnDI to benefit from this and all the other new features.

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