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I swear to Somebody Above, or, if it will get results, to Something Below, that I simply cannot witness one more lame attempt to hitch an industry wagon to the "Web 2.0" star.

The whole Web 2.0 conceit is one that went down my gullet like a barbed meatball anyway, but okay, fine, I digested it and moved on with my life. At least it kind of means something now, I guess: AJAX-heavy apps, community collaboration, and candyshell logos.

Library 2.0 elicited a mild groan from me when I heard it, the kind of mewl that comes out of you the morning after 7 vodka martinis the night before, and now Sales 2.0 is something that just infiltrated my inbox and stabbed me in the eyeballs.

This 2.0 thing has gone too far.

It's important to be aware of what's happening out there in the web environment, the kind of impact it might have on your business or organization, and the evolving expectations of your customer/audience base, but to claw your way onto the latest bandwagon and call yourself Whatever 2.0 does not say: "We're boldly riding the bleeding edge of web technology." What it says is: "We haven't a clue but we're desperate to look cool."

Andornot 2.0, or, hoist with my own petard

Hmm. Eight hits on google from for "web 2.0". Forty lashes with a wet noodle for this one, I think.


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